About Tall Reali-tees

Hi, friends, and welcome to Tall Reali-tees!  My name is Robyn...and, I'm a 6'1" full-blooded Texas girl.  Ever since I was little, I have always stood out among the crowd. In elementary school, I was young enough to not really notice.  In high school, though, I really became self-conscious about my height.  The comments, the double-takes, the questions…yep, like you, I got them all.

Moving on to college and into the real world, I finally came to peace with my height and began to see it as a fabulous and wonderfully unique characteristic.  I realized that whether tall, short, skinny, curvy, etc., we are all different.  That we each have unique characteristics that make us who we are.  And, we should be proud of them!

Flash forward to now...a time where you can find trendy, unique graphic t-shirts just about anywhere online.  I wanted a tee with a design that was related to being tall, but I just couldn't find one.  So, I decided to create a shop for others blessed with above-average height who were likely looking for the same.  And, Tall Reali-tees was born!

Tall woman modeling aTall Reali-tee graphic t-shirt.

Tall Reali-tees provides tall women and men a way to show to the world that we are proud of our height.  While t-shirts may be our foundation, we also carry coffee mugs and other fun items that you may like.  My team and I are hard at work coming up with creative designs that are relatable, inspiring, and at times, even hilarious!  Our one-of-a-kind products make great gifts to give yourself as well as any of your tall family members or friends.

So...bring on the comments, the double-takes, and the questions.  I’m wearing my Tall Reali-tee with pride for who I am!  And, so should you.

I hope you enjoy our designs and will use them to not only celebrate your uniqueness, but to inspire others to do the same.

PS...If you're having a hard time finding tall women's clothing, such as long inseam jeans and pants, be sure to check out my other site, Tall Women Resource!